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Had 3-year-old Hannah not been adopted, "she would have been out begging in the streets," said her mother, Deborah Mc Fadden.Instead, Hannah has, like her sister, blossomed into a world-class athlete while muscling the sleek yellow racing chair she calls "The Stallion." She'll compete in three Paralympic events after placing eighth at 100 meters in the London Games.Nike and Samsung have signed on with both."They are living the dream — and changing the perception of people with disabilities," Deborah Mc Fadden said of her daughters.

Known as the XXXX GOLD ,000 catch, every time a batsman clears the fence with a six, if a fan sitting in the lower tier bays catches it while wearing their Goldie, they will win ,000.Join Barbara Dunkelman, Mariel Salcedo, and special guests Nick Scarpino and Tim Gettys as they discuss a viewer's confessional, what they would change about themselves, and a user submitted question about cheating on this week’s Always Open.XXXX GOLD will launch its ATL campaign this week designed to galvanise the nation's support of the Australian cricket team and bring mates together over cricket this summer.Tatyana was 10 the day Hannah arrived at Dulles Airport in Washington, a wisp of a girl clutching an American Girl doll in one hand and a balloon in the other."I put her on my lap and tried to talk to her," Tatyana said."She was very shy, so I made all these silly gestures."The child was called Vjollca, but that tongue-twisting name had to go.

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