Will updating itunes delete my songs

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The i Tunes error 9808 is commonly related to the “i Tunes Network Connection Timed Out” error; however, is normally limited to only Windows users.

The specific 9808 error is referred to as the “Unknown i Tunes Store error” and is normally created through a conflict with a third party software application on the Windows operating system (OS).

Then, enter “dscacheutil –flushcache” at the command prompt followed by the “Return” key.

In order for i Tunes to contact the Apple server it has to be able to use port 80 and port 443 which should be enabled on computer firewalls.Step 2 – Ensure the most current version of i Tunes is installed on the target computer.You can verify the version of the i Tunes program by selecting the “Help” and then “About” menu options from the primary i Tunes file menu.Many times, i Tunes users will forget to try this step and realize that they have an Internet outage or are no longer connected to a wireless network.If the alternative website loads in the device or computer’s web browser then the Internet connectivity cause can be eliminated as a reason for the error.

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