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The woman, affectionately known as “New York,” will make her return to the boob tube in a new gay reality dating series called The Ex.

The premise: New York reunites two former lovers on a ranch where they will now compete for the attention of a crop of eligible bachelors to see who finds happiness…in front of their ex-bf.

Since Melody brought in new artist, Kevin Laroy to the shop, Bae has had her eye on him.

They’ve been kicking it for a little bit and now she’s excited the two are finally having a more intimate date. Laroy is into the tongue action and eventually the two men say eff it and dip off to the side for a little one-on-one convo.

She’s been right by my side and she’s been my biggest lesson and an even bigger blessing.

Kevin is having a grand ol’ time though — with Donna’s date.

But for those who went on the show with relatively squeaky clean pasts, what was next after their moment in the sun?

How did they extend their fifteen minutes into a solid twenty?

Earlier this year, Tiffany and her mother Sister Patterson returned to VH1 on Family Therapy with Dr.

Jenn where they dealt with healing their relationship.

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