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The evidence does not fit with the idea of a trapped lagoon. Once encountering the cold ocean waters, the hot brines could no longer sustain the high concentrations of salt, which rapidly precipitated out of solution, free of impurities and marine organisms.The great Flood of Noah's day provides the proper context.Seawater contains many chemical and mineral impurities as well as both single-celled and multi-celled plants and animals and any exposed dry lagoon will be an active life zone. But the major salt deposits in the geologic record are absolutely pure salt!Salt mines simply crush it and put it on the store shelf.

Dating back to the middle of the 17th century, the Inn is traditional both from the outside and within.During the Flood, great volumes of magma, water, metals, and chemicals, were extruded onto the surface from the depths of the earth, as the "fountains of the great deep" (Genesis ) spewed forth hot volcanic materials.Situated at the foot of the spring which gives its name, this tourist and therapeutic complex is the biggest and most developed along the entire Dead Sea coast.There was no real evidence that the ghost was of Maria Cubitt, as was originally claimed, but 'impressive' information did suggest that the phantom was a 'Lily Taylor'.On separate occasions the figure of a woman in grey clothing has been seen sitting on a window ledge in the television lounge and an accompanying drop in temperature recorded.

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