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When I was quite a young man, I watched my first porn movie.I came to a scene where a well-muscled black man was hitting on and getting laid with a dark-haired French woman.So one day we talked about sexual fantasies (it was me who brought the topic up).She answered quite boring that her fantasy was to do it everywhere in the house.I saw that she was watching all kinds of videos with black men doing white women.Double penetrations, gangbangs, two brunettes with one very large dicked man and whatever else you can imagine. My Angel told me that she would go shortly downstairs (she took her phone with).

Just back in Holland, I masturbated a lot knowing that she was watching those videos. She opened the door of her room and right after her came a large and very dark black guy who was around 30 years old.Soon we were sending each other text messages with "love you love love you, want you want you want you" and so on. Our first date taking three days in which we went to 2 big cities and also to the zoo.When Diana stayed the first time in my room, we first tried to go all the way but I couldn't keep it up long enough.At that moment she already said to me that we should see other people.When she was walking towards my work to pick me up two guys in a car flirted with her and wanted more but she didn't do anything.

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