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That second night, the girl couldn’t sleep and stayed up all night worrying and crying. busy.[The girl knew that something was off but she couldn’t ask.][silence]Boy: You know what, we should stop this.

One fine day, they bump into each other on the street.

Later, the mom wanted to remember her son so she went to his room and opened his closet. They date for a year and for some reason the guy breaks-up with her.

The boy repeated the same thing for the next few weeks. The mom found out about this and asked him to just ask her out, so the next day when he went to buy the CD, while the girl went to get the wrapping paper, he wrote his number and left.[A few days later, the phone rings]Boy’s mom picked up, it was the girl. The mom (sobbing) told the girl that he passed away last week. [Read More: Cute Short Love Stories ] A guy meets a girl.

The boy wasn’t ready, but he eventually agreed to it. Later, his ex-girlfriend approached him and she wasn’t happy.“How dare you use my favourite colour for your wedding theme, my favourite flower as the decorations and the date of our anniversary as the date of your wedding? ”The boy started to cry and said with a certain sadness in his voice, “This is the only way… that you are still my bride.” [Read More: 7 Timeless Short Love Stories Totally Worth Revisiting] A boyfriend texts his girlfriend: Boy: Hi sweetheart! Girl: Wait for sometime, I’m busy with my thesis, I’ll text you later.

[Read More: Tragic Love Stories ] A couple decided to end their relationship. Girl: I have a deadline to keep, don’t you know that?

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