Moroccan dating and marriage practices

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How do you truly KNOW he has not seen his brother in 19 years - just because he says so?

Have you seen his passport verifying that he has not been back to Morocco in all that time?

Many men are seeking also seeking assistance from abusive families.

*Good men and bad men exist in every race and religion.* This is true.

So right there your "he loves me so much" is BUSTED totally!I am speaking of emotional abuse including with holding love on a regular basis and or physical abuse. I am also speaking of being used for papers or used as a custodian. Although I do know of one couple married for 25 years and one married for 40.*I think its all too easy for some ladies to loose their heads, and be so in love with being in love, that they dont see all the little things that dont add up when they hear the sweet words from their guys mouths, and moroccans can do romance so well.* I agree150024081 #18194By just me on Sunday, June 11, 2006 - pm well i'll tell you what i am an english girl i am a going to marry my muslim arab fiance this year he is well educated and the nices man you'll ever find and not because he's arab or muslim just because as a person that is his character when you talk about muslims being wife beaters its not because of there culture or there religion its probaly because that individual is an a**hole before i met my new partner i was with an english man for five years and believe me you wouldn't find any one more horrible and selfish people just stop sterotyping if someone is a nice person its got nothing to do with if there black, white christain or muslim hindu or whatever its just because there a nice person and most likly had good parents with morals and same goes for bad people stop seeing people race or religion or nationality as a reason for a person peronality we are all they same we choose or way!!!Is it okay that she is only a student and a mother, collects SSI?Is it safe for me to go and meet my boyfriends parents in Morocco?

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