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"Wow what a cute dog." I said then asked "Is it a he or a she? The leash comes off and the dog runs down the hallway.

With her back to me she hangs the leash over the half wall separating the front entrance from the kitchen.

I walked over and got right behind her as I stopped her little dog turned and came over to me. Now that we were face to face I can see how beautiful she is big bright deep brown eyes. "Jax." "That's a great name." I say as I stand back up looking at her and what's your name? "Well since I left my phone at home and I don't have a pen on me. She got Jax out of her vehicle and walked to the front door as I follow along behind her my eyes glued to her ass. As I step inside she turns away from me and bends down again to undo the leash on jax.

Noticing she turned around with a Shocked kinda look on her face I said. She has makeup on but just a little its not at all over done. She is short even with her high heel shoes on she at least a foot shorter than I am. He sat down and seemed to enjoy it very much I look up at her as I pet him. Sure if you'd like to I can get your number there." "Ok that's great I'll follow you." I'm parked right there." She smiles and says. It was only about a 5 minute drive and we were at her place. She swings it for me as she walks totally on purpose her high heel shoes click loudly on the stone pathway to the front door. I see her looking back again to see if I'm looking this time I let her catch me looking at her ass.

I could see her still looking at me so I thought I'll get a look at her face and catch her checking me out all at the same time.

I looked up and over at her she was beautiful her face was stunning. As are eyes met she smiled I smiled back then she turned and went a few row's down the store totally rocking her high heels and swinging her hips as she went. As she watched me approach she put her feet together bent all the way over and slowly picked up her dog.

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She looks into my eyes smileing just as we kiss again. We make out wildly almost animalistic then we stop and I pull her shirt over her head and off."let's get these off so you can put those sexy red heels right back on." she giggles and says."Ok I love these shoes to." I help her take her jeans off and she kicked them away.I also noticed her sweater was low cut and it showed off some serious cleavage. She knew she had a great ass and she was showing it off. As she reached 3 rows further away from me she stopped again. I made sure I was making it look like I had gone back to reading the package in my hand. I could even see her looking back at me as she did it.Her head turned around and she looked right at me for a moment. Just for a second to see if I was looking at her ass.

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