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Prosecutor Gino Connor said they arranged to meet in London and Mr Richard paid her £120 through Pay Pal for train fares and a pre-booked flat.

The 13-year-old and her 15-year-old friend went to Liverpool Street Station on the morning of January 2, 2015 where they met Mr Richard at a nearby cafe.

Anyway, the Sex and the City movie website has a new fun feature that lets you explore Carrie Bradshaw's desktop!

He went on to act out his 50 Shades of Grey fantasies when she travelled from her home in Norwich to meet him.

The millionaire technology guru was emotional as the verdicts were delivered and left the court in tears.

He was one of the original 'dragons' on BBC show Dragons' Den, alongside Duncan Bannatyne and Peter Jones, but agreed to leave after the second series having failed to make a single investment.

If you took my Sex and the City tech quiz and are still hungry for more SATC geekiness, spend an hour or so on Carrie's Mac and see what she did when she peered into the screen she poured her heart into.

[Hook: Usher (w/ Pharrell)] Anything you want girl I'll bet you never seen it like this Just stay up on that floor girl And I'll grant all your wishes You know, you know, you know (You hot) You know, you know, you know (Especially) when you bounce, bounce I really like it when you bounce, bounce [Verse 1: Jay-Z] Ooh you so nasty Amateur pole dancing Come and get this cash from me They call me rain man She tried to rain dance Money so long it will drown you girl Buried under so much stacks They had to pull back about 50 thou Before they found ya girl I brought book bags of that bankroll I'm a D boy baby they know I'm an original D boy They go bankrupt if they try to keep up No roof in my car but I got mirrors on the ceiling I'll spread bread on the bed Ever had sex on a million Tell me [Hook] [Verse 2: Jay-Z] Red light, TLC Through the left eye My POV On the i Chat How's that for computer love She rolled her eyes back I'm like ooh you're so nasty You turned my Maybach back seat Into the Hotel De'Paris I ain't gotta go Down to the go-go You got a private show that's like magic city I got stacks of fifties I got piles of hundreds Let's role play Act like you want it You know you know you hot like fire You throw that body I'll throw them dollars But not them 1's and not no 5's Have you ever seen a Grover Cleveland?

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