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Even if you manage that, there’s still something irrevocable about taking flight — once the wheels leave the ground, you have to go up for a while to come back down.

It’s such a leap that a lot of people just can’t manage to make it. There’s always talk therapy, a pretty major commitment of its own.

Articles and broadcast transcripts: Germanwings Plane Crash Time Magazine What you need to know to survive an emergency landing Fox News Girl, 7, Who Walked Away from Plane Crash Had Survival Skills: Family NBC News Ungrounded: Beating Flying Phobia Valley Advocate BBC Travel tweeted an article written by Captain Tom Bunn BBC After a Plane Starts to Fall Apart Mid-Air, Travelers Wonder: How Safe Are We, Really? Travel Search & Rescue Malaysia Airlines - March 2014 Fox News Malaysia Airlines Incident - March 2014 MSNBC How to overcome your fear of flying Fox News Captain Tom Bunn interviewed regarding Asiana Incident MSNBC After tragedies, how can an anxious flyer find the courage to set foot on a plane?

The Guardian This is why you’re afraid of flying—and how to get over it Quartz How people deal with a fear of flying Market Watch 9 Ways to Ease a Fear of Flying Condé Nast Flight Anxiety After 2014 Air Disasters: One Pilot’s Opinion Peter 5 tips for flying with with infants and kids Metro High anxiety: Fliers deal with phobia Fear of flying: 'Nothing bad has to happen for people to be fearful' Tulsa World TV stars, travel bloggers not immune to fear of flying CNN Despite recent crashes, flying fears can be overcome NBC News Paying for upgrades under the tray-table Marketplace Business A Flight School for Letting Go of Fear New York Times Overcoming fear of flying CNN Fight High-Flying Fears CNNfn Afraid to Fly?

Yet European airlines were not prepared for what happened on Germanwings Flight 9525.

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Unlike most phobias, it comes with a massive hurdle most of us can’t avoid, one which makes it even harder to cure.All the same, even if you’ve been freed of some of the effects of trauma, that doesn’t automatically translate to freedom from phobia, since it’s about reaction in the moment.And again, launching into thin air can be a rough way to test one’s success.CNN follows her from start to finish as she is able to take her first flight after doing SOAR – even on a turboprop! Not only can you do the SOAR Program "on the go", but you can take it with you when you fly.Using your portable device, Capt Tom can coach you through your flight and show you what is happening in the cockpit.

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