Dating odessa ukraine

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The 1935 "Breyer Map" shows the distribution of German settlements in what became central Poland.Napoleon's victories ended the short existence of South Prussia.By 2002, the population fell by half to roughly one million.

The international community located in the German Quarter greatly influenced Peter the Great (reigned 1682-1725), and his efforts to transform Russia into a more modern European state are believed to have derived in large part from his experiences among Russia's established Germans.

Today's Russian Germans mostly speak Russian as they are in the gradual process of assimilation.

As such, many may not necessarily be fluent in German.

However, depending on geography and other circumstances, many Russian-Germans spoke Russian as their first or second language.

During the 19th century, many came to identify primarily as Russians, and particularly during and after the Napoleonic Wars, many Russian-Germans embraced Russian patriotism.

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