Dating an america american muslim man

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In the months that followed, another man joined the plot.

But their harmless appearance belies their beliefs—Crawford was a member of the Ku Klux Klan, and the plot he hatched with Feight involved killing scores of Muslims, as well as officials at the governor’s mansion in Albany, New York and at the White House.

” Keep up with this story and more But there would be no attack.

The purported accomplice at Ming’s Flavor restaurant in June 2012 was an FBI informant, and the discussion had been recorded.

These people speak of martyrdom, bloodbaths and killings, sentiments that can be heard on any Islamist recruitment video.

And when law enforcement finally took action on January 26 in a mass arrest, one of the militia members, Robert “La Voy” Finicum—who had proclaimed he would rather die than go to jail—was shot dead.

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