Coping dating married man

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Financially, it would be a disaster, and therefore I predict he will not, in the end, rate you as more important than paying off that mortgage and being comfortable as he tip-toes into old age, faithful wife at his side. Apparently she 'sobbed uncontrollably' because she said she wanted to be there and he'd done it behind her back. He tried to pacify and reassure her, but she hung up. He tried to contact her and wrote her a grovelling 'sorry' letter, but she ignored his texts and emails.He obviously cares for her still - because you make the point that he never moans about her. If you carry on as you are, his wife is bound to suspect something. On Father's Day she called to ask to visit to give him a present.I don't know how to deal with this situation without causing a huge row.JANINEThese family issues cause so much pain, but it's hard for an outsider to start picking through the mess without much more information.Or somebody will see you; or his wife will read all the texts and the sea wall will break, and it will be a disaster. Well, you have no choice but to try much harder this time. Now he's delighted that his daughter, who has treated him like s**t, is speaking to him again.I believe that you can move on 'mentally' by asking yourself if you still want to be the hapless secret squeeze in five years' time. He couldn't even mention our wedding for fear of upsetting her and we received no congratulatory cards from either of his children - his son is influenced by her.

Now, he may be an absolutely terrific guy who is worth the love of two good women, but you must still open those eyes, which are closed with weeping, and view him clearly as a stereotype from the 'Discontented Married Man' stage directory. He will not leave his long marriage for you; and nor should he. You have one precious life, and you are wasting the moments when you could be out there meeting other people, moping around over this married man. My husband decided to phone her later on our wedding day to tell her the good news.

He treats me so well (flowers, chocolates) and makes me laugh.

He always manages to be there for me if I break down or need him. We both feel miserable and miss each other so much when we call it off.

I have turned into the sort of woman I hate, and never thought I would become so emotionally involved in a situation like this. Here, though, I have to be blunt and answer your last question, saying: 'You know perfectly well that you must walk away before it ends in tears.' More tears, that is.

When you tell me that you are 'still trying to resist him', you leave a Big Question hanging.

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