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” Well that generation did pass and none of the things Jesus said would happen, happened. No spin can undo the damage this passage does to the whole Jesus story.

They did not see the Son of Man sitting on the right hand of power, etc. The other above quoted passages reinforce the message that the end times would occur within the lifetimes of Jesus generation.

The so-called “peacemakers” will have a much more difficult time coopting Israel’s support for allowing Iran nuclear capabilities.

The pace of “all things Islam” kept by the US “president” may be slowed in the short term, hindered by a newly realized public perception in Israel that enemies should be kept at bay. The Islamic side would seemingly be more energized, more blatantly (if that is possible) aggressive, culminating in hostilities.

Answer – none of those in attendance would have doubted what Jesus said.

You don’t even doubt today – even though the promises made by Jesus have not been fulfilled to this day.

Earnest said, “The President at this point has not telephoned Prime Minister Netanyahu...

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Of course, Jesus’ last words on the cross are changed by the time, 20- 30 years later, Luke and John get around to writing their versions of Jesus’ death.

While there are various accounts of this report, the “president” demonstrated his disappointment in Netanyahu by not taking a joint picture for the media during that visit.

There have been many other reports of the “president” slighting Netanyahu.

In both situations, in the aftermath of both elections, the President did not telephone Prime Minister Netanyahu until he’d already been directed by the Israeli President to begin the process of forming a coalition government.” Telephoning is not necessarily congratulating.

Earnest said that Secretary of State John Kerry telephoned Netanyahu to congratulate him.

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